Created: 7/30/1975

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Storias circulating in UN circles suggest that an all-out campaign is being promoted to expel Chile from the coming General Assembly meeting. Although he extent of anti-Chile sentiment is difficult to gauge, there is little doubt that the image of the Pinochet government has dropped to an all-time low.

Among the reasona cited by Chilean UN delegates for this negative attitude are.

resident Pinochet's refusal to allow avisitN human rights investigating group.

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he Chilean government's welcomeouth African Davis Cup team.

inochet's recent statements barring elections.

circulated among African and Asian

UN missions by the Cubans reproducing extremist and racist articles on the UN appearing in the Santiago press.

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eports circulating at the UN on possible action by the Chilean junta to outlaw the Christian Democratic Party.


The chairman of the UN human righta investigating commission is extremely bitter over Pinochet's abrupt decision to turn back the group earlier this month after it had traveled as far as Lima. His resentment toward the Pinochet government was summed up in his statement to the US delegation at the New York headquarterat "People just don't behave like that." The commission's report, which is due by the end of August, will probably

portray the junte in an unfavorable light, and it is certain to arouae furthor animosity within the UN toward the Chilean regime.

To counter thia adverse trend, the Chileanis sending good-will delegations to Africa and the Middle Eaat. The prospecta of rallying substantial support appear dim, however. If pressures againstontinue to be exerted on the International level, Pinochet'i right-wing advisera may call on him toy withdraw from the United Nations altogether


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