Created: 8/8/1975

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Mew Portuguese Government Causing Deep

A naw Portugueea government waa awom ln today, and Ita oonrpoaition has cauaad deep dissension within tha ruling armed forces movement.

Prime Hlnistar Goncalvss haaabinet which appears todominated by radical military official* and front man and aupportera of the Portuguoaa Communlat Party. Soclaliata and popularhoaa partiaa wonercent of the vote laat April, vara not included.

At tha swearing in ceremony Preaident aaidcabinet waa a 't

Gocied la weT^qo^fci^mBnt

will crumble under tha weight of Portugal'a many problems, The President reportedly believes that the democratically orianted group will be able to pick up the piece without muchtruggle when that happens.

Many of the Democrats do not approve of this wait and aae attitude. Lad by forwr Foreign Hlnistar Annd including many original nembara of tha movement, they haveocument accusing their radical colleagues of eeeking toictaterehip. The document, which ia aaid to have been aignad by commanderswo military regions, alao ia being circulated in military unite. Socialiat Party leader Mario Soarea also haa weighed in heavily against the new government callingollection of

Meanwhile, the criala of authority at the top haa addad to the popular--lack of confidence in tha revolution. Anti-Communist violence ia increasing.

August 8,5


particularly la the north, and mora is expected. Tha Catholic church haa scheduled two protest marches in northern towna thla waakand and ia aaid to beass march on Lisbon.

Civil disorder* have not been confined to those area* of th* north where tradition, antl-Coemruniaa, and pro-church aentiment* are atrongest. Towns more associated with small business and light industry also ar* Involved.

Security forces ara proving increasingly unable 'tiling to intervene agalnat tha demonstrators.

Even if they are able toopularrising, Portugal'a radical military rulera and their Communist supporters will have to confront other major problem*. The return of thousand* of rsfugeaa from Angola, independence movementa in th* island territories,adly sagging to produce additional frlctiona.


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