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rOSCOW ON APQLLO-SOTVZ FLIGHT: noacov'e extreaely heavy publicity (or th* Asollo-Soyui: Teat Project flight, which conoenced with the Launching ofouly, Included unprecedented live coverage ef the Launching and recovery aad candid reporting of the tilnor difflculclea aa well aa tha achievements of the Joint flight. Soviet cocsaent dvalt on tha flight's significance for future cooperative apsca venturse andSoviet ralatlena generally.ue froa Brezhnev's greetlcge to tha Soyue and Apollo crewa onuly, coeacntatora eaphaalaed chatooperative effort In an area of foraer eoepailtlon vaa cade poeelble only by th* recant narked lnprovenent In bilateral relatione. to ace radio coeoentary, cooperation In the "auperaecrcc aphare ofrch" would have been unthinkable In the cold var ataoaphere whist' prevailed not long ago. Technical director Knnstantln Buehu'r and other Soviet participantla the project Cold Soviet intervlevera that tba Joint work during and Lo preparation for the flight had ahovn that specialist* of the tvo countries could work together auccesefully ooooplei cecholcal problaa despite "natural" dleagreeaecte that aroee. Breihnev'a otaasage aald chat "Soyut-Apollorototype of future International orbital atatlona." TASS reported shift flight controller Viktor Blagov as celling reporters onh that oae fara of future cooperation olght involve "the fuevre Aserlcan spaceship ahuttla aod tha Soviet etbvtil station Salyut."

M3SCOW CH ANGOLA: Sporadic fighting becwecn rival liberation groupa in Angola haa pronpted routine Soviet comeent reaffirming Hoecov's long-etandlag eupport ef tbe Popular hoveaent for tbe Liberation ofa) end accusing tbe Chlneee of backing the KPLA'e opposition, Hoacov haa biased the breakdown of Che recantby leadsra of Angola'a three liberation nov-neatiune meeting Inthe KPLA'e chief rival, the National Front for eae Liberation of Angola (FNLA). Char act erlilng tha hoacow-or'.ented WLAcoated vanguard" of the Angolan people and the "scatAngolan6 July TASS report 'roa BreriaviUe denounced the FNLAreactionary" organisation foraed with the assistance of the United States and "iulrinatlonal corporations" that waaead aad trained by the Chlneee for the purpose ofeJlalaaclag"A. 7 July TASS articl* by political cocnentator Uullk expanded on tbe theme of Chinese support for Lhe FNLA. TASS cited western and African nevapapar reports that the Chinese had trained FNLA troopa aad aupplled then with veapooa, and went on to' condena the Chinese for "teoatng up



TOSCOW QN Moscow and Its fast European Ul; have continued to stark tin* on the sixth rousd ot the Vienna fi reduction telka, which recessed untilepteaber after aeaalooa froaay touly. Media consent relteracad previouslypositions andate nlalnrua of publicity on the conclusion of the alxth round. TASS observing ooh that "no practical results" had yet been achieved. Thia position vas reinforced by other Moscow cocsect noting "fundamental" differences that persist between the two aides' propoaals. Other standard claim reiterated rSnt the NATO proposals were cja-alded acd would give "unilateral" idvancage to KATO, In eonttaet to the Warsaw Pact ecatca' various "aeaolngful" and "coopoolie" propoaals which. It ls eald. sew require newtera proposals to nova rhe talks out of their Ifpaese. Recent cocacn: has. aa in the past, avoided being totally negative by citing che "good ataosphare" ae cha talka -ad pointing co aooe specific areas wh'rogress night be achieved. TASS onh pointed Co one such area ae the Pact "Initiative" Co workcoordinated definition of what

troopa should be celled ground troops" aod "which should be called elr foccas." Poland's Vienna spokesman T. Strulak, to his press confereoce onh reported by Waraaw'e TWolTNA LCTJU the next day, feebly linked tht force reduction talks to che opcooing Helsinki European conference susalt by observing that the eucslt would "alsoearing oo tbe Vienna negotiations" and adding

char tha need for specific oessures che nlllcary area of detents "la no doubt acquiring Increasing urgency."


ftrOtRADM SIHAMXK: While no government has yeC aurfacsd la Cambodia acid the ultlnatt role of Sihanouk has not been made clear, Phr.oa Penh radio duflag the past oonth haa resucied periodic references to hla as "chief of State" and choirsaa of the Caabodlan Front {MLTC). Sihanouk, who had been confined ln hla offices at the "apeclal national congress" at the end of April, inexplicably was not mentioned by Phnos Penh radio from aid-May untilune, although there were messages la his naae during that period which could have beer, reported. Most of che receoc references to Sihanouk, Including the one onune, have been In neve reportsambodian envoys abroad extending neasages of gratitude froo Sihanouk to the leaders of states they visited. He was alao aentlonedhnoe Penh radio commentary on Caabodlan unityuly, however. And onuly che radio for che first elseecant action by the prince when It noted that he hadeasag* of ayspachyaanlan Prealdent Ceauaeacu over daaage froa recent floods. The message was aent froa b'orth Korea, where Sihanouk haa been visiting Sinceay, and was first publicized by DPRK oedia onuly. Phacet Penh radio has still not taken note of Sihanouk's aojDurn in Korea.

PRCg KWcST: 2 July NONA report clalaed that China hasgood" summer harvest this year, with boch total grain output and ret hectare yield topping previous records. The reporc seated thacf China's provinces producing luascriatered Increases over last year and chai "all" area? of North China showed gains. Ihe North China Increases this year say in partise over last year's dlsappoir.clng yields chere, which were, however, compensated for by last year's excellent summer rice yields In South China, which S'CKA reporCed were up byercent. NCSA namedreaa, aoecly ln SorCh China,hls year's increase exceededercent. Previously thiaozen provinces had reported 8teener harvesc yields, with aoaC claiming Increases6 ofoercent, Chough an NCNA reporc on Yunnan onpril0 'ercent increment. Thecrops account for lese Chan half of China's total grain output, and the NCSA report noted chac rural workers, "encouraged by the excellent summerre Intensifying field aanageaenc of autusa ctops.


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