Created: 7/23/1975

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national intelligence


A military driveande by tho Nottonal Front for tho Ltoonroon ofum weekend from In tribal base in northern Angola, he* become nailedvidnrty of Caxito. tomeilei northeatt of the capital. Thrt ana itthe rival Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola, and the Nationalnot be able to mutter th* resources neceaaary to push through tot Mi largely driven out Lett

The From, which In recent months has not been able to metcharmt received by tha Popular Movement, fwt obtained torn*additionalfrom Zaire. Peking recently authorized Kinshasa to ral**teFrom ft hat provided for the Zsirian army; the Chinese promised to replaceSo far, however. Zaire probably hat passed on only modettQuantitiesirmiand ammunition, and perhapsJ'

Th* tklrmshing in Caxito apparently has convinced the authorities in Luanda that the Front Intends to fight Its way beck Into the capital. Th* Portuguese armed forces commander has ordered his troop* toerimeter around the city to protect it against an offensive by the Front. Ostensibly, the commander hopes to avert further bkxxhhed in the o'ty. In effect, however, hit plan will help defend the dty for th- Popular Movement if lhe Notional From breaks trough at Caxito and co*itiru-es ia maiuh.

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