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Military Developments


The purpose of the operation, which will last for approximately three weeks and will be tha largest since early September, ia to capture some of the areas atill held by the Fretilin and to destroy guerrilla units operating behind the lines.

In the past four months, the military situation in Timor has not changed significantly. Indonesian troops have continued to patrol vigorously to protect supply and communications lines and military installations, and the air force has increased its attacks against Fretilin bases. The air force also moved additional combat aircraft to Timor, including theelicopter gunship and thenti-insurgency aircraft.

Indonesian troops haveumber ofFretilin military commanders and large quantities of military hardware, as well as an important Fretilin radio transmitter. Radio Maubro, that had been used for propaganda broadcasts. Last month, the Indonesians lost only abouten, and equipment losses also dropped significantly.

Meanwhile the conflict continues to wear down the Fretilin, who have been driven farther into the The guerrillas now operate in small, disorganized bands and can carry out only small-scale attacks. In addition Fretilin leaders abroad have failed to acquira badly needed arms and supplies.

Indonesian pyschological warfare tactics have also contributedigh desertion rate among guerrillas. Recently some Fretilin junior officers who had surrendered have been released to return to the hills to induce further surrenders. Last month the guerrillas hadasualties, leaving them withardcore troops.

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When Indonesia invaded East Timor inS, Jakarta hopeduick military victory. Fretilin

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eak logistics system, and poor command and control, however, contributed to Jakata's inability to quickly wrap up the war.

Although Indonesia controls only about half of the former Portuguese colony, the Indonesian task force is still pUBhlng ahead with plans to reduce the number of0 troops. Lastere sent home, and by the end of the year Indonesia expects to have no more0 troops on the island.

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