Created: 3/15/1977

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President Pinochet,apid seriaa of Major policy moves, haa demonstrated hia tight control of the governmenthas signaled his intention toough line, Pinochet haa abolished the country'spolitical parties, extended the state of aiege, and replaced two cabinet ministers. Hore changea may be in the offing.

The decision to ban all political parties came soon after Pinochet'a public attack on ell political groupings, in which ho called them inatruments of Tho military disbanded parties of the left until now, however, parties of the center and right, although severely restricted, hed survived. Tho latest move was aimed chiefly at the Christian Democrats, headed by former president EduarUo rrei. The party and Froi havo been frequent nources of criticism and, in recent weeks, have appeared to beow offon-slve against the government.

The junta alao extended for another six months the atete of siege. On Marcht noted tersely thatwarranting an extenalon still existed. Chile haa beentste of siege since the militaryalthoughomewhat reducM lovel of emergency since

Tho junta last week also swore in new ministers of juctice and houaing, as well aa three aub-cabinet Tho newollowing tlM formalof the entire cabinet, fell short of thechanges anticipated. The President, however, has indicated that more changes may be in the offing. Pitochet said his decision to make the ahifta was based on the need to overcome the "stagnation" that has aet in and tonew rhythm."


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