Created: 3/31/1977

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Junta Solidarity

Junta solidarity has received an important boo^t from Gcnoral Gustavo Leigh* chief of tho air foroounta member. In recent vell-publiciied etatemcnte, Loigh has spoken out strongly against foreign criticism of the junr't. He has stressed unity and underlined tho air fore backing of tho regire'n policies. Leigh seems dctCL-ninAd not only to answer Chile's critics abroad, but to demonstrate to President Pinochet the important role other junta mcrtocrs must play.

Loigh began his campaign oarlior this month on his return to Santiagoonference of hemispherice commanders in Montevideo* The general told the

ii*an press that current US policy would drivo the Latins togetheray Simon Bolivar, South America's legendary liberator, only "dreamed of.- Leigh continued his offensive three days later on the occasion of the anniversary of the Chilean air force. Referring tocriticism of the junta, ho doclarod that "Chile is concerned less by its cneaios than by its friends, and the blindness, weakness, and incomprehension of those who should be our friends, but are not interested enough to learn the truth about the Chilean situation***

said his service was firmly behind the recent treasures banning all remaining political parties andthe atate of siege. There was little doubt Leigh was dlrocting his remarks to the President when ho stated, "the Chileanforce, joined with its sis-tei services, emphasizes tho unronouncoable aim ofthe institutional government, becauao thisovorr^ont of the armed forces ashole,"

as making the point that notMtPrTBWes unity essential, but that Pinochetafford to ignore his colleagues. The President's tendency to do just that has been the cause of rocurring frictions among junta meuabers.


Leigh oontinued the tough talk early thissuncion* where he addressed the Latin American Anti-Conmunist Congress.

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