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In Plains, Georgia,0.

President-Elect Carter ViceGeorge Bush

The following subjects were covered:

Personal. iscussed the DCI situation, expressing my strong view that the DCI should have direct access to the President; that the President should have confidence in the DCI; and that the organization at CIA and the Community would be strongly supportive of the President. trs)

Electronicriefed according to theB and the briefing paper entitled, "Warrantless Electronic*urveillance." id not fully utilize Tab B, but did cover

nummary in Warrantless Elec-Surveillance paper, tf/rs+i


3. Sensitive Human Collection Matters. riefed according to attached papers tIIIA and IIIB). howed the President-Elect the | (reportHe simply glanced at it. mphasized that people's lives we're at stake and covered all of the substance in the sheet andhe talking paper (IIIA).

Onovered, under Data,hrough 3. . orgot to cover theduring this briefing, but at the very end of the Intelligence briefing in



hisulled the President-ElectM essagelinked the sensitivity of

During the privatemphasized over and over again the need for full security and the very limited distribution that we gfve this kind of intelligence.

enerally followed the outline ofemphasized that CIA had very special direct contacts inEast. iscussed the growing feeling at theis shared by Secretary Kissinger, of an uneasinessMiddle East. old the President-Elect thattuseful toould be glad torip toor any other theme that would be useful totold him that Kissinger felt that this trip had someperhaps they could discuss it when Kissinger comesonh. There was no reference to thestudy referred to inf Alanpaper.

I briefed him on thexploitation project in accordance with the cable, IVb (attached).

showed the President-Elect the President's Dailytold him of its limited distribution and told him that on

the instruction of President Ford we were prepared to furnish him with this kind of material starting immediately. This was later discussed in the full briefingamw^/rt^jz-J

riefed him generally on Agee, using cable (VI)uide,id not go into all of that detail. id make clear that Agee had Soviet and DGI contacts, that he was being thrown out of England by the British,as concerned, what would happen if he came back to this country and tried to get across to the President-Elect that Agee was notisenchanted former CIA employee who wanted to clean up the Agency. Rather he was something much more sinister.


7. Palestine Liberation Organization. riefed the President-Elect, using my memo to Secretary Kissinger (VII).

9- FBIS- anded the President-Elect an unclassified FBIS report, -Foreign Press Reactions to the Election of President-Electitle something close to this.


did not go into *v


10. Shadrin. riefed on

detail on thearned him that he could becontacted by Mrs. Shadrin or Mr. Copaken and that should thishappen, we would be glad to furnish him moreouched generally on the Shadrinid tell Mr. CarterC that President Ford had seen Mrs. Shadrin. The matterj left that if he needed more information he would contact

Carter come to Panama and told him Torrtjos Panama.


12. St. John's Church. ave the President-Electletter from John Harper, asking theworship at St. John's Church. The President-Elect said he sure that he would be able to doXJ//

ook back on 1t, there is one strange thing. There was no comment and almost no questions during the entirety of the briefing above. The briefing lasted almost an hour,t of highly sensitive subjects and the President-Elect never indicated that he thought these operations were good or bad, that he was surprised or unsurprised. He registered no emotion of any kind, asked for little follow-up and franklyittle Impatient at the end of my presentation of these items. Perhapsas because he knew that thereull plate waiting for himhe next room of several more hours of briefings. m unable to give an opinion at this juncture as to whether the President-Elect plans major reorganization of the Intelligence Community, whether he supports human intelligence or not, whether he was pleased that we have these special arrangements and that we have such excellent sourcing. rankly just don't know.

Addendum to Carter Briefing

emphasized the need to be very careful using

telephone. ave him some indication of the Soviet capabilities^to read phone calls, to copy thermofax transmissions and to penetrate In many ways.

Later in the majorentioned Mrs. Luce's phone call, urging that Carter or some one of his people, meet with Andreotti because of the critical situation in Italy. President Elect Carter turned to Mondale and suggested that he might haveeeting.

George Bush Director

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