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Huclcar Cooperation


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This visit would represent the firstestern-built power reactor by Chinese scientists. The visit was made possiblelause in the protocol on scientific and technical cooperation signed by the two countries in January. The protocol alsoonditional agreement for China to provide the natural-uranluii fuel for the KANUPP reactor. The proposed visit would suggest that some sort of schedule for Chinese assistance has been worked out for Pakistan's only operating power reactor.

Canada waa providing all of the fuel, Lpare parts,heavy water for this reactor but terminated Its nuclear cooperation late last year when attempts tothe safeguards ot. the Canadian-supplied reactor failed.


reactor uses aboutons of natural uranium fuel per year. It also requiresoons of heavy water annually to replace that lost throughspillage, and evaporation. Pakistan has no domestic capability to produce fuel for the KANUPP reactor. It has signed an agreement with Niger for uranium, but that uranium must be fabricated into fuel rodshird country. Beavy water and spate parts must alao be ln-ported.

China has limited experience In the operation of heavy water reactore but could provide the heavy water and fuel rods that Pakistan wouldthe calling for some research and development work


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