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Frank A. Sicvcrts

Deputy Coordinator for Prisoner of Warin Action _

Department of State

Bruce L. Heller

Commander, USN

Chief, Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Branch Resources and Installations Division Directorate for Intelligence (Research Center) Defense Intelligence Agency

Mr. Roger E. Shields

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense

(International Security Affairs)

International Economic Affairs

and Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Affairs

William W. Wells

Deputy Director for Operations


Sightings of Americans in Long Khanh

'{Attached as of possible interest to youilting from the debriefings of refugees froa Vietnam who ietnam in early We are giving this repor

- .

Approved tor Relaaao



COUNTRY: Vietnam

DO I ' : - Mid-August ^;

ightings of Americans in Long Khanh Provincej





yj a

said that they had seen an American male at that location in January During the courseesistance group composed of former Army of thoof Vietnam (ARVN) personnel on the Communist cadre in this hamlet the inhabitants were assembled to hear speeches by members of the resistance group. At this time an Americanas an advisor appeared and told those gathered that because he loved tho Vietnamese people and sympathized with the ex-fcRVN troops, he was "staying to fight." The American was described as dressed in black clothes, wearing map caoshoes, and fluent in Vietnamese. The American with- drew with the resistance group after the latter distributed foojl and funds to the inhab^ants. (Headquarters Comment: The

did nothysical description oron this American. Dong Tam Hamlet may be in ahamlets on Routeboutilometers from Saigon. torom another refugee source whoinformationriend with relatives in Long Khanha Caucasian male who might be an American was seenQuan District of Long Khanh Province inas described as unarmed, very miserableand living off food obtainedettler of aArea in the

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Americans we

V Saigon two munists.

his wife and children o Around thisric in handcuffs being take Officer Quarters on was .described as big.


(Headquarters Comment: Americans are available mentioned below may hav sightings.)

Mayreportedthat onePhan Thanha

n toehicle ne Ba Trung Street, "all, and wearing No' other details Possiblyeen evacuated

fter the fall ;of detention by the Com-

crican male who worked

and who lived with Street was arrested, black American male **

ar Brinks"Bachelor This black American

a prison uniform, on these two detained and other individuals

from Saigon after-these

3. Inhe exact time unknown,

said that heroup of four or fiveWesterners on Tu Do Street in Saigon. This groupa group of five or six similarly appearing malessaw in front of the former GVN National Assemblyon Tu Do Street in Mayable torlatter group as Americans by their speech. In Maysaw two black American males on the "Y" bridge inPrecinct of Saigon. Friends of claiming towith these Americans said that the latter werehousing for themselves and their VietnameseComment: No other physical descriptions orjare available.)

stated that in6 he had seen an American male in down-towu Saigon. The latteraucasian, aboutears old,ad seen working in the USAID office ate Van Duyct Street prior toad also seen thisan in5 walking freely about in downtown Saigon.


in6 he saw two or three Caucasian males, described as Americans, at an apartraent-hotel building opposite the Grail Hospital on Gia Long Street. These men were moving around freely without an escort. (Headquarters Comment:

said:that he recognized these men as Americans by their speech.

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