Created: 11/4/1977

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INDONESIA-UN: Prospects for Timor


The US General Assembly will soon adopt an lution on tne question of Bast Timor, Xndo-neoia Maintains that East Timor ie an integral part of Indo-neeia and honoe dose not warrant VII consideration. Whitefor support) Indonesia raalisoo that thia politicallyissue will be debated in the US annually for the next severaln the mtar.time, it hao stepped upefforts to eradicate the email resietance movement in Bast Timor.//

1 Tho resolution waa draftedepresentative of the Kcvoxutionary Front for an Independent East Timor (Fretilin)

and supported largely by radical Third World and comrauniatWhile It does not condemn Indonesia, it rojocts thoclaim to East Tiaorj reaffirms the rights of the Mast Timorese to self-dotcmlnation and Independence; requests that the UN monitor the situation! and calls for tho Inclusion of the question in the agenda ofd General Assembly session.

"JThe Indonesians haveefensive stratogy, claims of popular support and allegations of Indonesian atrocities and actively seeking support from those countries that might reciprocate for Indonesian support on other issues. Indonesia has not, hovever, boon able to garnervotes to prevent tho rooolution from being adopted.

(Indonesia finds tho issue highly embarrassing, but soneither the debate nor the vote threaten relations witho supporting or abstaining on the resolution forroasons--Chlna, tho USSR, and Vietnam--Indonesia will continue its low-key approach.

the same time, Indonesia is increasing _troy tho insurgents in East Timor by offoring general amnesty to those* surrendering by the end of this year.

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