Created: 11/4/1977

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Indonesia: UN Resolution on East Timor

UN Central AsanoUy -IH won adc-pf anrnofoio* em the qmcloa ofTlnMr. Indonesia maintains thai Kast Timor Ii in Integral part of (ndonrila and Kmc* don nol wairanl UN consideration. WhO* lobb)lnE for support. Indonesia realize* ihal tali politicallyyf -III fcr ecbattdN annoatlv faril amralears. In (he meantime. Indonesia hai stepped Bp military efforts lo(!n- small resistance mrnement Ihrnughosit Kail Timor.

i ne rtJe

solution war, draftedeprcseir.alrve of Ihe Rcrehtticanry Front for an Independent Fast Timor (Fretilin) and supported lirgety by radical Third World and Communist nations. While it doe* not condemn Indonesia. It reject* the Indonesian claim io Easl Timor, reaffirms tlie right of the But Timorese lo self-determination and independence, requests that Ihe UN monitor the notation, and call* for thef the qaettlon on the agenda ofd General Assembly sessior

The Indoneiiani havetefensive strategy, refuting Fretilin claims of popular support and allegation! of

Indonesian atrocitle* and actively aeeking support from Ihote countries that might rctiarocatc for [ndoeesian support on other matt. Indonesia has not. however, been able to garner lutTkienl voles to prevent the reiotulion from being adopted.

Indonesia find* Ihe time highly embarrassing, hot an long as neither ihe debate nor the vote threatens relations with countries supporting the rcsossstioa or abstaining os it for Ideologicalthe USSR, andwill continue its low-key approach.

Al the same time. Indonesia is increasing its effortsestroy the insurgents ia East Timor byenera) amnesty lo those iwre netting by

the end of this ycar.[

Ike Indonesianseduceortes ia the province before the presidential electron ia March, bat the resistance mosement and ihe UN debate are likely to continue to be liabflbjaaihe Suharto government.

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