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Indonesia: Post-Election Crackdown

President Suharto's post-election domestic policy is reverting to the greater degree of authoritarianism that characterized the government's precampaign behavior. Suharto himself overruled hla military advisors and held national elactions this year not only to demonstrate the government's legitimacy but to inhibit oppositionemocratic manner. But the surprising developments of theotrength oxhibited by Moslemin tho election, the staying power of Islamic ties, and tho rlso in disenchantment among students and young officers at the army's interference in thecombined with ths government's inability to completely eliminate Insurgency in East Timor and Irian Jaya to lead the regime to conclude that it must be prepared to impose evon stricter controls.

Withercent victory at the polls behind it, Jakarta has cone down hard against antlgovornment groups. Suharto has personally warned the ieadors of the Moslem-dominated United Development Party that he will no longer tolerate their criticism of election skulduggery, namely army intimidation and rigged ballots. The government is taking the Moslem daily Ptlita to court for misroporting which "created, disorder" during tha election campaign. While the question of news distortion is moot, what is clear is the government's intontion of using the legalopposed to outrightto Inhibit opposition.

The government haa also attempted to control student groups, particularly Moslem student groups, byvslvat glove" policyi intimidating soma students whileropaganda campaign to influence others. The most notable feature of this campaign la an attempt to ridicule students by showing them pictures of damage they have done and then asking them if they can reconcile such action with thsir conscience. Other features of thaare lectures by participants in4 Malarimassivs student demonstration during ths visit


of Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka which was brutally subdued by governmentare advising the students not to go too far in their.actions. Suharto haa also overaoen the streamlining 'ot the domestic




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