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Human Rights Dovelopmenta

Chilean President Pinochetla so Incensed

over the US cosponeorshipN resolution condemning Chile for human rights violations that he has asked the Foreign Ministry to assess the consequences of Chile's withdrawal from the UN and possibly from UN-affiliated international organizations. Pinochet was also angered by the tone of the letter he had received from President Carter last month. The Chi loan leader felt that the letter was indicativeifferent relationship than he felt had boen established during hia personal meeting with President Carter. Officials of the Foreign Ministry believe that it woulderious mistake for Chile to withdraw from the UN and are trying to calm the President.


Uruguayan military leadera walked outuncheon last week given in honor of US Southcom CommanderGeneral McAuliffe when McAuliffe raised the human rights issue. Foreign Minister Rovira told McAuliffe that the US should be aware that there are "no human rights violators in Uruguay.* McAuliffe answered that it was Uruguay's responsibility to clear the record.

Christmas there "would be no political prisoners in Bolivia." Banzer said that exiles were another matter, however, and that "guerrillas" would not be allowed back Into the country.

Argentine President Vldela hastaken steps

to eliminate excesses in theouivterprogram. He has transferred several officers who were involved in extortion or kidnaping. At the same time, the chief of the federal police has issued an order that there are to be no illegal arrests. Those arrested will be turned over to the courts; in no case is the prisoner to "disappear."


Cuba haa announce! that Prank Emmick,3 on chargea ofIAbe released. Two other Americans, who weresummer but detained in the country, will now

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