Created: 7/28/1977

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Augusto PINOCHET Ugarte (Phonetic: peenohSHAY)

President* Commander in Chief of the Amy



asi Kr. President

Commander sinceaj. Gen Auguato Pinochet became President after he led the3 coup againstalvador Allende. Pinochet is totally dedicated to the establishment in Chileow political and economic order free of all vestiges of Marxism. He dislikes politicians of all persuasions and blames them for the problems that necessitated the coup. The President will not tolerate anyto the government or to its goal of national reconstruction.

Pinochetoncern for people, and hie frequent public appearances throughout Chile have at times given him the semblancerassroots politician. He is genuinely popular in Chile despite severe personal criticiam from abroad. Under Pinochet, his country has made significant progress in overcoming the economic malaise inherited from the Allende government. In7 the President announced for the firstlan to gradually return power to civilians.

Generally considered tough, rigidas been described es warm and friendly by journalists who have interviewed him. He does not smoke but drinks in moderation. He enjoys reading and writing, and he has written at leeet threen geography, one of which haa been usedigh school text. Pinochet avidly exercises every morning. Ho has been to the United States at least three times. Married to the former Lucia Hlriart, tho President has five children and seven grandchildren. He speaka soma Frenchittle Englleh.



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