Created: 9/15/1977

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Chile: Anniversary Speech

President Pinochet,amiliarannounced oneptember that the state of alege and nightly curfew in effect3 willfor the time being. He also indicated that these measures might eventually be relaxed or lifted "if the algna of progressive normslity whloh can be observed continue."

ovorall tone of Pinochet's address on the fo'irth anniversary of the overthrow of the Allende regime was mildly upbeat, as he cited some ecomomlc gains andinitiatives. Pinochet aald Chile will not modify the route it has mapped out in order to gain the "good graces" of certain countries. He didlow improvement in the attitude of the US toward "Chilean reality."

After Pinochet's announcement in Julyhased return to limited popular electionsspokesmen apparently had some second thoughtsimetablei they subsequently emphasised they intended to keep the process tightly in hand and crltloiiedChileans. Thus, although Pinochet'sis no real surprise, it will disappoint the many observers who had hoped he would follow up on pledges

a return to constitutional rule by easing restrictions.


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