Created: 9/2/1977

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irm" of fo.ce* ire continuing, bv*eel making witch progreei The ulhi hiti-j| early thec- prisoner ticheagaa. aeal ibe Egyptians an set tag it aww) ee le nweel wtibdnwala vn> lil the prisoner rssuon settled.

action, hewrnr. wee It tfjpi oMarrthe

pabflclb* miliary, andhat Egyptianadaiuying tine wvth ihe negotiations to weigh, ibe polriical aad aMItary consea.waaoaB of renewed hostilities.

la ihe interim, ihe Egyptian military buildip in the berdar ana ll becoming men focmnUWa. Since ihe fighting ended oay. the Egypt iaas ban owed aa armored division and allattalloaa oai of Ibeanal ana to the western command. The tnsafer or theat-laiieaa ngaifkaady weakena Egyptua

the ateveuancu with which the Egyptians regard thew quarrel web Libya

As discussed by Egyptian military of-Rciara, cerrent planning for new attacks agaiaai Libyaround foros lava-siaa aisned at cast an ng Tobnik and limited strikes by special forces group*li'ii Tripoli andAO foitaa woutd be eithdnwn within three weeks. Tho parpens of tha action weald ba to spark aa ieteraalgaiast Libyse President QedbaiL

The Libyans are also aagmmikng thatr foros la tba border area snd conducting mining eiarctscL bet their armed forces an net as large as Egypt's aad their aesmeniationi are conamaaierately


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