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EGYPT-LIBYA: Prisoner Exchange

gypt and Libya exchanged prisoner* yester-

day and apparently plan to take additional etepe to ooneolidate the en<ne-fire established late last month. The exchange pra-aumably indicates that President Qadhafi hae accepted anworked out between Egyptian War Minieter Gamaeyib' yan negotiator eeveral daye ago.//

Egyptian Foreign Minlater rahni diacloied eome of tha

tarma of tha agreementriafing Cor African diplomata lata Tueaday. Ha did not mantion tha trooput atatad that tha two countriaa had agraad to aatabliah oaaaa-flrapoata along tha border and to halt propaganda axchangea. Fahml apparently alao alludad to tha fact that tho nagotiationa had baan carried out directly between Egyptian and Libyan rapre-acntativea. paTeetinlan chief Yaalr Arafat, however, teema to ba taking credit at laaat for arranging tha prisoner exchange.


Egypt's decision to announce the agreementroup of foreign diplomats is an attempt to undercut sympathy for the Libyans, who have with some success portrayed Egypt as thein the recent fighting.

^^gWWW he announcement also suggests that the Egyptians are holding ln abeyance plans to renew hostilities,

IS officials in Cairo report that the Egyptian gov-ernment^seems especially concerned about low morale in the military. Sadat and Gamasy have recently completed morale-building tours of the Western Military District, and Sadat is expected to visit military unite in the Sues Canal area next month.

The mood in Tripoli remains upbeat, despite theof public and private services caused by themobilisation. The Libyan media, while skirting directon Egypt, continue to play up Libyan successes in the last round of fighting and the support Libya has received from tho international ccoaunity. The press is giving greatsstto tho brisk paco of fladhafi's activities in prtparing to countsr Cairo on both ths diplomatic and military fronts.

fffA There has always been strong sentiment againat Qadhafi in the eastern province, and although it haa been offset to some degree by equally strong anti-Egyptian feelings, opposition to Qadhafi in the region ia likely to increaseesult of the difficulties eastern Libyans have suffered. Qadhafi hassent former prime minister Jaliud to the area, presumably to check on possible opposition activity.

astern Libya has also been hardest hit by the large-scale exodus of Egyptian workers and technicians, who have been leaving Libya voluntarilyesult of the fighting. Atgyptian families are now estimated to be crotaing theevery day.

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