Created: 7/29/1977

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* 'o/ fighting .'i

which Egyptian military forces scored xnril *icionn against LibyanPmidrnl Ssdst announcedunilateral cease-Pre on Julyibyan Prcsfdeai Qadhafi has not formally mpon-lrd to ihe MMMA and 'i lattomermanent truce appearbaeveloping disputeIhe legal Ooeindiry betweeno MMMb ncoenplmuag Use negotiations. The two aree facto iruct, however, and ire petting back their for en accordanca *rih aa unpublidied drkenpertrnem

i iricion s>

ibc fighting lhat haa occurred Oaht heaviest day offighting. Ihty droveibyan aUtck and dcUroyado JO tanki. TV acal day. tb* Egypt (era scored another victory over Lieyaaen its, destroying aa rneey es IS tankii Omar. They also launched iw hfhborncagairat Libyan ia-uellationa near Jtgheeb. Cairo withdrew its cowibet fortes free* Libyae temtory by the early moneng heers ofad si of Juryo rarther righting waa reported.

Tha Egyptiaa sad Libyan sir forces both bombed targets near the border, and the Egyptians attacked Libyae airfields near Tobrakefraa ia soothem


Bothe sssi reWeros-meets to the ares sear the border, sad each dear* inxipa the fli

Qadhafi may not be able to keep hit people from knowing the si tent of Libyan tosses for very long, and the current rnlhuii.iim in Libya may dampenu etwi of csissKy figures tpreads. For the time being, however, Qadhafi belirvaB ho has international sympathy ea hit wee sad that he can via the polnjcal -ar. if no) the mibiary hajdhm

MeeaatVseKuweit, and Palestinianhave allole indispute, aad several Arab andhave tilled for emergencyihe Arab League aad iheAfrican Unity. The generalihe Arabne ofand concern over yetin Arsb ranks lhat diverts reaoaattention from ih* sevmery3

Sovwt comments ry oa the conflictaea casskna sad sparse. The Soviets nave aappoeied Libya far lees since fighting broke owl thee they did ee two occasions during ihe peat year when the threat of hostilities sained, strongly suggesiiag that Moscow sees not "ant to antagonize the Egyptians. Tha Soviets presumably realisa they cannoteaningful rote la any MkkBe East tetue-

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