Created: 10/11/1977

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The attached document is an excerpt from the transcription of an oral interview conducted by CIA historian Jack

Pfeiffer with James A. Cunningham on Octoberr. Cunningham was Director of Administration of DPD

(Development Projects Division! ir. the Day of Pigs time period.

investigation, and on the one that wont to the Taylor

Committee, it shows Herrera taking offy himself,

then later on,uess it was. Buck Persons wrote

this book on the Bay of Pigs and Gar Thorsrud went through

it, and he modified that Missionond


also on that first one that/ Hxiiy did, he showedas co-pilot with Connie Seigriat. Then, whenwas revised by Thorsrud, he shows Price takingthe same time. Let's see, it shows Herrera, and then it shows Price going out atwere three of then that took off later, andout there floating around by himself, presumably,cable traffic indicates that Price was probablyair at the same time as Herrera,ondered ifany information on that, because it just seemedthat he would go off and away byyou see Beerli's summary was done largely by Gaines

who in turn was getting his input from Gar, so go backoriginal sin on this thing. (That's yourjust talk along here for another couple of minutes.

O.K. Now, in terms of this business of aircraft being lost, do you recall the one that had been picked up at Boca Chica, it wastrike, and itwent into Boca Chica for emergency repairs, and then afteray air strike, another couple landed up there at Boca China, and the plane



that had been ontrike was repaired and the guys took off for Nicaragua and they never reported in, and then thoy found them in November or something like that, they had crashed in the jungle. Tho wife of one of those victims asked for the return of the remains of her husband. Were you involved in that? No.

Do you know what ever happened, did they ever return the remains, or...

I really don't? know the answer to that.

That wasroblem, incidentally, trying to find

out who tho two men were on that crew, because the report


that came up from Gar,/listed somebody named 'Nabel'. Ha, ha. Ha ha.

Any way, getting away from that. No, It got so confusing, once the strike started that those of us in the Washington area, wore just the tail following the dog around, because we didn't know what the hell Gar was up -to half the time, because he was toobusy to send us any meaningful information, except as it related to available fuel, or running out ofor needed something fromdidn't hear from hira on the actual selection of crews, or anything like that.

When it came time to do the briefing down at Puerto Cabezas forir strike, can you tell me what the

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