Created: 6/20/1979

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IRAQ-SYRIA: Joint Commands

Thehey have set Assad and Bakr wayerq work out detai unified milit* characterized complete norgc

After four daye of intcnoc* aeorct ncgotiationc, Syrian Preoident Acnad and Iraqi President Dakr announced the formation yeaterday of Joint political and military oo*mandc to coordinate the foraign, *roonomic9 and nilicar policies of the two statea. The move folic fnr chart of Iraqi hope*ull merger cf the tvo govcrunentc and of the rnlinj Baath partiect but it do+'C inject nctj Ufa into the alliance.

idebolitical declaration thatnified political command headed by

and established committees to prepare the er of the rival wings of the Baath and to Isonstitution. They alsoy command. The Iraqi Information Minister the declaration as setting the stage for a

to resist

structure. Committee Iraq- In with to unity.

As expected, the Syrians apparently contin-substantive changes in their Baath Party

Assad's representative to the Baath Partylose associate known to be suspicious of his remarks to the press. Bakr showed irritation Assad's desireautious, step-by-step approach

of the new measures are ambiguous and may prove to bo little more than paper exercises, but they will allow the two sides to continue to cooporate on selected issues. The new political command appears to do little more than replace an already existing structure. The Israelis are certain to be alarmed, however, if there arc any substantive moves to follow up the promised joint military command.

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