Created: 6/20/1979

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IRAQ-SYRIA* Joint Commands



have setssad andnd the wayerger to work out detailsnified military command.

The two sidesolitical declaration that unified political command headed by established committees to preparehe rival wings of the Baath and constitution. They also created The Iraqi Informationcharacterized the declaration as setting the stageomplete merger.

Iraq* nisw_u

with Assad's desireautious, step-by-step approach

COMMENT: As expected, the Syrians apparentlyto resist substantive changes in their Baath Assad's representative to thelose associate known to

Iraq. In M* remarks to the press. Bakr showed irritation

to unity.

The new political conmana ap^u^ wthan replace an already existing structure are certain to be alarmed, however, ifto follow up the promised joint


M.ny of the new measures are ambiguous and may prove to be little more than paper exercises, but thcv allow the two sides to continue to cooperate on selected issuer. The new political command appears to do little

any substantive roov milicary command.

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