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| Mr. 'Jeremiah jKratz

' Chairman, Technical.

Division of International

Securityj.epartment of Energy^

j Sovietand East Europeans Production jof Multiaxis|Numerical; Control Units

jOER MemorandumSoviet'Production of MultiaxisContouring Machine Tools" -

i* Attached per.request of Technical Task Group A,iscussion of Soviet arid East European productionxis arid above numerical control units. For additional information on individual Soviet models of multiaxis machine tools, please .consult!the Table attached to the

: 'i; K.

referenced memorandum. If you havo further questions

or. thelease cbntact





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Sovietast Europoan Production of Hultiaxis Numerical Control Units

Main Points

The USSR ia the only Communiat country that la known to be producing,xis NC control units. The USSR produces two models, both hardwired. | [

Hungary blaims that two of its models, both softwired,xis capnbili y. Only one model, which uses clandestinely acquired US microprocessors, has been demonstrated operatinq in three axes; its production tftatus is nothere is no evidence that! either model is being used operationallyxis mode__with any Hungarian NC machine tools.

Poland is in the process of importingfor the productionxia unite. As far as can be determined, production has not yet begun. Indeed, all of the produc-

tion technology may not yet havecquired. ,Q

Czechoslovakia claims to bexis units, but their own literature shows that the unite forxis capability is claimed, arexia units.

The USSR hasew controllers capable ofxis control. Hungary claims that its basicxis controller is expandablexes of control, but there ia no hard evidence thatxis controllers have actually been built. ;Q


The annual level of outputxis control units in the USSK is [ectimated to benits.


ncr.r. xi"


eb 1V8


Output ofxis urucs is negligible. ompares with an annual production ofxis controllers in the Unitednd upwards0xia units. Thus, annual Soviet production of multiaxisxes) NC control units is lesshat of the United States. For all practical purposes, Sovietrepresents the total productionxis (and above) NC controllers in all Communist countries. ([

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The USSR began producing a. fewxis contouring machine tools and control units Those were open-looped systems capable of linear, but not circular, interpolation.

, the USSR began serial productionow generationxis hardwired NC units. These units, 1 usetypes of low density integrated circuits (ICs) and represent current Soviot state-of-the-art in numerical control technology. Work is underway to devolop new NC devices based on higher density ICs including LSI (Large scale integration) but serial production of such NC controllers is not imminer.t. We expect that12 will continue to be the mainstay of Soviet production for the next several years.

1 is an open-loop system;2 issystom. As far as we can determinematerial, the open-loop system is in

xore common use than the closed-loop system. xis milling machines observed in the literature utilize1 open-loop system, whereas the use of the2 is rarely observed. We conclude that, of,these two types of controllers, the Soviets make mostly |

Closed-loop numerical control systems are rare because the USSR has encountcre'i problems in the serial production of the high quality subcomponents, namely transducers and rcsolvora, used in theirsystems. t least, those components were limportod. They may still be imported for wo havetrd evidenco that they are being produced.

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Tho USSR haanall number ofnits that can bo used for any level of multiaxls control upaxis,1 (open-loop)2ostly, they are] used forxis control. Tonly aboutachine tool models have beenquipped with either12 controlnly pne of those machinestheilling machine operatesxes simultaneously; one other,F4xes. xis controller, the Razmeras been montioned in the literature, but probably exists only in prototype; at least, no machine tool has ever been observed equipped with the Razmer

! Hungaryb ! '

I [Vjv'i I ' i

Hungary makes two softwircd NC control units that aro of interestthe UNIMERIC and the DIALOG. Tho DIALOG was demonstratedachine toolxes at the Hanover Fair in the Fall The UNIMERIC is said toxis capability. This claim has not been verified. There is no evidence that either of those models is in operational use withxis, machine|

The DIALOG system isxis oystem that the Hungarians claim can be expandedxis simultaneous control. This system was produced ot tho rate of aboutnits annuolly,n the absonco of contrary evidence, wo assume that most, perhaps all of tho DIALOG control units (with the exception of units used for demonstration)xis units.

To date, both tho UNIMERICe DIALOGused Motorola, Toxas Instruments, or IntelmicroporceaSors. Those microprocessorsand apparently havo been acquiredCOCOM channels.


Polandontract6 to purchasetechnology and equipment for the Swedish ASEAontrol unit, and, inomploteystomb. Tho Polish purchaser is thoand Measuring Apparatus Industry Associations off tho technology for


i thoad been transferred to Poland and

j roughlyystems. One, unit, was reportedly mated to a

vertical machining center inutuspect that was probably one of the systems thaturchased. Polish technical journals give no hint that

s being widely used on Polishools, which suggests that scries production of tho

init probably has not yet' :

I Czechoslovakia

i "!

Czechoslovakia hasardwirednit, modelxis contouringies ere claimed. However, we do not believe thisxis capability for two reasons;eview of the specifications suppliedzechoslovakian brochure on this machine; indicates thatoordinates can be programed within! one block of information, andxes can bo programmed onlyrigid cycle."

systems are normally characterizedystems. Second, engineers atchoslovakian

: Research Institute of Machine Tools andndicated5 article that thesimplified continuous path controlontrol of four coordinates, two of which canimultaneously." There is1 difference

betweennd thehe device inhe difforbnt final digit in the designationifferent end use; it does notifference in the number of axes of control.

SOURCE 'LIST FOR9 Memo directed to:.

MEMORANDUMeremiah Krata

i- j'r ril^StXtixpmt Technical Task Group A.on of InternationaltV.'v^'jbMciirity Affairs

: Department of Energy

j Soviet and East EuropeanI of Multiaxis Numerical Control Units


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