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national intelligence warning


Pursuant lof the National Security Act7 and FNrcutlve. there is eUablisftedational Intelligence Warning System, individual components and rnrormbiliiM of which are established inhe mission of the System is to and assist the Director ol Central Intelligence in the drschargc of hit duties andwith respoct to warning intelligence, and to coordlnale tho warning activities ul the Intelligence Community.

I Oefmltlons

a Warning as used hereinhan- measures taken, and tbe intrili-frnce information produced, by the Intdbgencr Communitv to avoid surprise to the President, the NSC. and Ihe Armed Forces ol the United Slate, by foreign events of major importance lo the security of the United Slates. Il includes strategic, bul not tactical warning

b Sfrdfa-fic WarningiNcUigrnce information or ir.tclllnr.vce regarding the threal of the initiation of hortiktin acainsl the US or in which US force* may become involved; il may be received at any time prior to the initiation of hostilities It does not Include tactical warning.

c. Tacticalotification thai ihe rncmy has initiated hostiliiie* Such warning may be received at any lime from the bunching of the attack until it reaches its target


Community organisations and personnel have substantive responsibilitydetection of developments requiring warning, especially strategic warning, andalerting, through CattUiahed channeb. of such oVvekflsmrnls Nrfhing Inis intended to inhibit the flow of warning in any way Specifically,contained in this directive do not require cooidination or consultationwurnlng Is required

Department of Defense hasnd specific (rsponsibilitieiof attack by hostileo carry out that specialized function, thededicated tactical warning systems within the military command organand independent from the National Intelligence Warning System. Theseare mutually supportive, however.

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ssignment of Retpomlbtlittes

Deputy Director of Central Intelligence is assigned oversight ofIntelligence Warning System and will exercise his authority with themembers of the National Foreign Intelligence Board.

is established the position of National Intelligence Officer formission is to advise and assist the Direclor and Deputy Director ofon all matters relating to warning, to coordinate nationalactivities, and to serveocal point for warning In the Community.purposes, he will be located in the National Foreign Assessmentwill to Ihe maximum ealenl rely on existing organizations in carrying outThe responsibilities of the National Intelligence Officer for Warning are:

i To oversee analysis of intelligence from all sources which might provide warning. In pariicular, he should be alert lo alternate interpretations within Ihe Community and assess theseiew to the need (or issuance of warning. He should encourage consultation and substantive discussion al all levels in the Community.

recommend to Ihc Director or Deputy Director ofthe issuance of warning to the President and Nationaland to ensure the dissemination of such warning within and byof Ihe Intelftgent'e Community. When time is of (heNational Intelligence Officer may issue such warning directly loand the National Security Council, wiih concurrentthe Director and Deputy Director of Central Intelligence amiof the Intelligence Community.

advise the Deputy Direclor for Colleclion Tasking andfor National Foreign Assessment on appropriateto developing warning situations.

develop plans and procedures for support of the Director ofin crisis situations.

support the Deputy Diieclnr of Central Inlelligence andForeign Inlelligence Board on warning mailers.

choir the Warning Working Group (Par-graph

oversee ihe warning activities of Ihe National

vlii. To supervise Ihe Slmtegic Warning Staff (Paragraph

ix. To arrange for intelligence research and produclion wiih respect to slralegic warning.

x- Toarning consciousness and discipline throughout the Community.

To seek Improvements in methodologies and procedures for warning, including communications and dissemination of information.

To arrange with appropriate organizalions of the government for provision to the Nalional Intelligence Officer for Warning and the Strategic Warning Stall of the information they need lo carry out their mission.

promote improved analyst training in indications andand in other analytic techniques that might contributewarning.

advise the Deputy lor Collection Tasking and the DeputyManagement, as appropriate, on warning activities that relateresponsibilities.

amin* wotkmb croup, chaired by the National Intdhgcnce Office, foe Wanting, to assist him in carrying outonsibilitks and in coordinating Community warning activities. Its Members shall be senior officers of the Defense Intelligence< Agency; National Security Agency; Central In.eCnc* Agency; Bureau of Intelligence and Research. Department of State; Office of the Secretary- of Defense; and Collection Tasking Staff. The Chairman shall invite* of other departments and agencies to attend when matters of concern to them are discussed.

national intelligence officers arc specifically charged withfor warning in their respective fields. They will conductreviews at least monthly of situations potentially requiring the issuanceand will keep the DirectorCentral Intelligence advised of the resultswilh Ihe National Intelligence Officer for Warning. Theyalert to the need for immediate issuance of warning.

strategic warning staff will be under Ihe supervision of IheOfficer for Warning. Its principal functions are lo assist him inwith respect t0 strategic warning and to conduct research withIt may also engage In other warning-related activities within thewith the concurrence of the National Intelligence Officer.

ommunity responsibilities

agency of the Community will establish the necessary structurelo carry out in warning mission and to support ihe NationalSystem.

rcsporttibililics ol the CommunityupporttheWarning System are:

I. To provide full-time, highly qualified professional intelligence personnel and other support lo the Strategic Warning Staff in consultation with the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence and the Nationalfficer for Warning.

ii. To provide to tho Strategic Warning Staffimely basis all information from every source pertinent to the strategic warning mission. Information of exceptional sensitivity may. with the approval of the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence, be provided only lo the NationalOfficer for Warning.

iii- To provide appropriate representation on the Warning Working Group, and to designate an officer in each agency specifically responsible for warning matters and charged with support of the National Intelligence Warning System.

omposition and organization

a. The National Intelligence Officer for Warning shall be appointed by the Director of Central Intelligence in consultation with the Director. DIA.

b. There thull be an Assistant National Intelligence Officer for Warning Hither the National Intelligence Officeris Asuitant shall be drawn from the Department of Defense The National InteUigence Of ftcer may also be assisted bv uxh staff as the Deputy Director of Central Intelligent' derrns artptorxiate.

The Direclor. Strategic Warning Stall, shall he appointed by the Director of Central Intelligence in consultation with the Director. DIA. He shall It directly responsible to the National Inlelligence Officei foe Warning

he Strategic Warning Staff shall lie cn-located wiih the National Military Intelligence Outer

STANSF1ELD turner Direclor of Central Inlelligence



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