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pakistan-afghanistan- support to insurgents

Pakistan's military leaders are reported to haveto continue their support to Afghan tribal rebels that began in May and to keep open the option forsupport, depending on the rebels' fortunes in the next feu months. If tkis report is true, the decision may have been promptedelief that the insurgentshance to topple the regime of President Taraki in the near to medium term. The Soviet Union andare certain to attribute any increase in rebel strength to Pakistan, which would worsen its alreadi frayed relations with those two countries,

tho revised aid plan reportedly approved bylaw administrator general zia calls forweapons, small arms, andmoney and training. in addition, of pakistani irregulars, who are natives ofareas, are to accompany afghan insurgents onthe border. the pakistanis reportedly willthrough smugglers and gun dealers to try to

islamabad's cautious approach in aiding thehas been prompted primarily by concern for relations with the ussr. sovietave made strongrecently with the pakistanis to deter them from further abetting afghanistan's rebellious tribes. pakistani officials continue to deny publicly andthat they are aiding afghan dissidents other than providing relief to theefugees in pakistan.

the pakistanis may have come to believe, however, that they have little to lose inolicy the soviets and afghans already are accusing them of there are strong pressures on zia for anpolicy in afghanistan from the amy, conservative islamic groups, and border tribes that are related to the afghan insurgents,



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