Created: 8/7/1980

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National Intelligence Daily

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ncrease in terrorist activity by both the right and the left threatens to erode the regime's publio support and hae prompted moderate and hardline military officere to put more pressure on President Pinochet. I

The assassination laat month of the director ofintelligence school and the kidnaping andweekniversity student are the mostrecent terrorist acts. The Cuban-backed MovementRevolutionary Left is responsible for somerightwingassociated withsecuritycarried outhas publicly acknowledged that rightistsinvolved and has promisedto punish thosetheir ideology. I

The regime's claim to legitimacy rests on its success iin ending the chaos of the Allende administration it over-|threw Restoring the confidence of both theand the aecurity forces without engaging in excessive repression willifficult task. Some church officials have already protested police crackdowns, and pressabout official involvement in some of the incidents could foster antiregime feeling.

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