Created: 7/25/1980

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generalQBever, is that arms suppliae are short and that delivarias--ffroo whateverbean at least temporarily disrupted by recent events, Nevertheless, the revolutionaries are looking th< arrival of more In the not-too-distant future?"!

Meanwhile a

hj an extreme leftist 9'bnp" calling itself the Revolutionary Party of CentralWorkers (PRTC). The organization is no* particularly well known to us,RTC group in Guatemala was reportedlyfor the recent kidnapings citizen "there and is said to be planning other similar acts. - oviet adviser is responsible for coordinating the group's arms shipments, which are aald to be in short supply at the moment, although more-are expectedaflecting-thenternational character of the organization, its"militaryare said to be controlledine-man directoratencludes members from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and El -Salvador together with Nicaracuan FSLH leaders Bayardo Area and Hugo Torres.

Nicaraguan lnvolve-


concern of the Sandinistan fact, seems to be to avoid even the appearance of open involvement as much as possible.


decided to establish training camps for the Salvadoranln northern Costaimplication being that they no .longer wished to carry on this sort of activity on Nlcaraguan territory. pparently were not deterred by the publicity surrounding the crash of an anas-laden aircraft in El Salvador on IS June (seeut did decide to shift the location away free Costa Rica's Guanacaste Province in fa-or of the cast coast near Puerto Liinon.

tba FSU* leaders werzstttjtwi liing to allow t- agua^to be used

ransit point'for personnel;and equipmenti Salvador.

his information is at varlancm with 'an earlier reportflttM^b

im tha rSLKi$SO to

ftlandestine aupport_apparatos in Costa Rica to avoid tha

oferritory %}

underscore the apparent concern of the

Sandinista ieaaers to avoid'any .appearance or accusation of

direct involvement while still continuing to offer at least some

support to Salvadoran'


Nicaragua: -In addition to tha discussions with the Bondur-ans, the Cubans apparently have been in contactnd possibly other Central American leftists through their embassy in Managua, which also apparently furnishes transit and even


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