Created: 8/21/1980

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Striking Bolivian tin miners, for eiampJe, peoiestini the coup, haveoss of at lean no million in capon canting! to dale Economic activity ra major urban and mining areas bonly now returning to normal, although some miners may si.II be engaging in production slowdowns. Domesoc financial probtcrrd mean, hi le ire be,nE rased by inlWi of rureotics money andj|MArgentine assistance. In any trail, payments problems can be weathered Toteast several months; gross reserves nowO million, about five monlhs- import requiremenis. Moreover, the military government'! decision to booor Ihc terms of an earlier IM Fnandby agreement will release upillion in loans from (he World Bank. Andean Fund, and the IMF trust fund for disbursement. Although commercial banken arc jittery, the debt rescheduling agreed to in July it proceeding. If this financial help dries up. the Garcia Meza regime willerious financial squeeze by yeaJBH

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