Created: 8/11/1980

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ARGENTINA: Support of Bolivian Junta

Argentina leadnrj appaor determined to prop^tji tho military raging in Bolivia, even at the riakof jeopardizing recent improve-manta in re la tio na with tho VS.

President Videla has for the first time publicly expressed sympathy for the new ruling group led by General Garcia Han and implied that Argentina would provide food aid and financial credits. These are the latesterios of nuppovtivc actions taken by the Argentines,

Argentina's recognition of the new regime onuly was followed by tho postponementisit to Buehos Airesigh-ranking USvisit eagerly sought by tho military governmentontinuation of high-level bilateral meetings begun la"st January tobetter understanding and cooperation.

Although President Videla mayersonalto Washington to discuss the Bolivian problem, there is little reason to expect the Argentines to show flexi-


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