Created: 7/30/1980

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IA: xcw Regime's Prospects'j Tcccgnisisn en tiz'jLr,

Tha decision could induce other nations, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay, to recognize the Garcia Moza government. These nations also have military governments and are more likely to accept the Bolivian military's claim that it seized power toa Communist from being elected. Bolivia's Andean Pact neighbors to the north, however, as veil as most

other nations, so far seem disinclined to accept Garcia Hera's claim. mm

Tho Argentine move

iy also dishearten the'regime's v.. resistance now appears limited to several scattered mining districts" Hernan Siles Zuazo, who had been expected to bc elected president, is in

hiding and so far has not been able to unify the

Rumors are circulating that the core progressive military officors nayountercoup. Some of these officers apparently have thrown in their lot with Garcia Heza, however, and others seem likely to beretired.

Meza and hiso secure financial backing. They down reluctant businessmen for contr'

arc trying

are shaking

Key drug traffickers, moreover, evidently arefunds to fill the gap left by tho withdrawal of foreign aid. In zeturn, they expect the government to stop interfering with their highly profitable cocaine trade.

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