Created: 7/19/1980

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BOLIVIA: Military Consolidating Takeover

Army Ccrrander Garcia Mesa ie consolidating his hold or. the govemnent and is movinr to eliminate cm/ reame.

The coup on Thursday was carefully planned by the most senior generals and carried out In stages. resistance has been spotty thus far, largely because the military had rounded up opposition leaders before the takeover. Had resistance been heavy in any city, the high command was prepared to abandon the coud

attempt, wmkim

Socialist Party leader Marcelo Oulroga reportedly was killedhootout and labor leader Juan Lechln was badly beaten. This unprovoked violence may provide the catalystivilian reaction. The powerful miners'echin stronghold, is the most likely to oppose the military takeover with force. Tho generals plan noxt to exile President Gueiler and her cabinet, outlaw all iftist parties, and suspend labor union activity.

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