Created: 6/27/1980

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Election Outlook

Bolivians uill psrtioi;-aie on Sunday in the third general election in sup years,ilitary takeover in the vvsediate postelection period is possible. |B %

Former chief executives Hernan Siles Zuazo and Victor Paz Estenssoro probably will win tho most votes, with former President Banzertrong third.of theandidatesimple eajorlty, the election will be decided by the new Congress when it convenes in July.

Followers of both Silos and Paz havo pledged to support the one who gets the most popular votes, although neither candidate hascommitted himself. The three leading contenders, however, have shown interest inettlement to avoid any postelection stalemate. The major parties also areoalition government to ensure broad political support for the next civilian administration. MB.

A repeat of last year's electoral deadlock inwould tempt military hardliners tooup on the pretext of restoring order and leadership. araed forces plotters reportedly will accept either Paz or Banzer as president. They consider Siles anleftist, however, and have threatened an inuiediate coup if he wins the election.

In addition to having to contend with aenvironment and the continual threat or amilitary conservatives, the new president willdealepressed oconony.

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