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Strike leaders in Gdansk claimed yesterday they hadreliminary agreement vith the government on the issue of frea trade unions.

Tha government's chief negotiator, Hieezyslaw Jagielski, contradicted this claim on Gdansk radio and television last night, stating that the two sides had reached agreement on almost all th* workers' demands except for the free trade union issue. The agreement referred to by thed*rs aay have been reached in th* subcommission of experts, sat up Tuesday to examine the trade union issue, rather than in the formal talks. Negotiations are slated to rcsue today. Safes*)

Strikes continue to spread across Poland, with the situation in Wroclaw and Poznan apparentlyhere is no pattern to the strike activity. Some ar* Clearly expressions of aolldarlty.wlth the strikers on th* Baltic coast; others focuslocal economic and sometimes political demands. Many of the solidarity stnkes apparently are brief walkouts.

ecent interviewestern journalist, Gdansk strike leader Lechaid he did not favor th* spread of strikes throughout the country, which he thought would leadvery gra-'* situation." Instead, he said th* other areas should continue ta produce enough goods for the nation and that th* Gdansk workers would =akc demands on their behalf. fffffJ**,

Th* reaction to Cardinal Wyirynski's homily onhas been mixed. Some Poles reportedly believe the Polish Primate undermined th* strikers' position, while' others think ihat the strikers should now be more The Polish media apparently have been rebroad-casting excerpts from Wyirynski's sermon.

ZS August0

Harsher Soviet Rhetoric

The Soviet media yesterday for the first time stated that_-anti-socialist forces" were increasing theiractivity" within Poland, and repeated an earlier charge that "certain West German political circles" were raising revanchist claims against Poland. TASSit these internal and external forces were uniting "to push Poland off its chosen socialist road." Although briefly mentioning yesterday's Ttybuna Lucu editorial, which explicitly raised the specter of Soviet interven- -tion, ot cite its more ominous statements. emmfJ

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