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Escalating political and economies demand* by worktrs ir. Gdansk kavt placed tha striker*ourts Eft tha regine. j

_ ithe workers' main -

oint strike committee claming to representf at leastnterprises on strike infree trade unions, abolition, of censorship, release of political prisoners, greater church access to the media, and abolition of privileges er.;oycd by police, security, and party personnel. *asmtm>

The workers' economic demands reportedly include wage increases of aboutercent and the indexing of wages to inflation, tha introduction of meat rationing, reduction of meat prices, and the transfer of meatfrca the export to the domestic market. *gfJ>

The workers refuse toservice is restored between Warsaw and Gdansk. Anegotiatingby Deputy. Premierreportedly will arrive in Gdansk today.

is August mo

The regime probably is prepared to grant somedemands, but clearly is not ready to give ground on most political issues. It ls unclear whether the are inclined to compromise. In the past, they have been willijg to return to work after receivingbenefits and promises to consider other grievances,!


The influential Catholic Church leadership ha*not. commented on the situation in Gdansk, one of the priests who said

ciass sor striking shipyard workers yesterday encouraged them to continue their stoppageo compromise. Thia nay have helped stiffen the strikers' resolve.

The situation ln Gdansk deteriorated over theafter an agreement between management and strike leaders at the Lenin shipyards collapsed and strikes spread to neighboring Gdynia. Local transportation is paralyzed, and long line3.have formed at food stores as the populace seeks to stock up. ^mamem*

In an appeal to citizens of Gdansk local leaders termed the situationwarned of hostile forces at work, and tried to play on patriotism and self-restraint to get workers back on the job, but have.not-yetny resulta. Any prolongation of the dispute in Gdansk risks triggering sympathy strikes elsewhere. Thereare work stoppages in four other provinces, but none appear to be in response to the situation in Gdansk.


chief Gierek'.': reluctance to use police may be severely tested. 'tinly veiled effort to pressure workers at the Lenin enterprise, the Gdansk party leader reportedly ispiled to strikers that he could not guarantee that police would remain aloof after Monday. Clashespolice andif the police were unarmed and thero were nocause other disturbances.

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