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POLAND: Labor Unrest

fprecding labor -urrnt in and xrowA zhe Baltic jocatal citydzrMk -ay soon confront ths ssfflejits neat aarioua politic aai ohallanga aince atrikta avaoez rarclyxad Zublir. in rid-July.

A strike0 workers in tbe Lenin shipyardsunsettled and apparently has caused sympathy strikeso other large shipyards and several smaller facto- ries. Local transportation workers in Gdansk and two neighboring cities also have gone on strike. There are rumors that^there willeneral strike in Gdanskon Monday. WLW

Workers in the Leninthe mostinrefused to return to workwillingness to meet most ofpercent pay increase. The workers,locked themselves in the shipyard and have beenwith management, reportedly alsoeduction in meat prices, theireeting with Premier Babluchdemands for j

-The .local..militia-apparently have been mobilized and-,-

have cordoned off areas around the shipyards, but have been held back from direct contact with the strikers. Given the violent riots that occurred in Gdanskny contact between workers and militia could leaderious violence even though the militia probably are not armed. Violence in Gdansk sight lead to protests in other' parts of the country,

The regime has thus far continued thethat has carried it through six weeks, ofworkrticles end cosnentary in themedia yesterday appealed to patriotism andto get.workers in Gdansk back on thesuch appeals have been effective in themay have lost some of their impact duringr:od cf later unrest.

If the workers in Gdansk refuse to beck down on -their politically unacceptable demandsree trade union, the leadership will be under pressure to take a

Approvad ror mi.

tougher stance. During his just ended Crimeanmay have bean counseled by the Soviets toaggressivo.

Babiueh, peech to the nation yesterday, note oC toughness into Warsaw'sline. He warned the workers that they must return to work and that their actions are being exploited byof Communist Poland. Babiueh also said that the meat price Increases in July will not be rescindednd that meat supplies will not improve. He promised, however, that ut^riCMvLUr. frozen until the , fall

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