Created: 8/9/1980

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POLANDi Unrest Continue!

Uibor unrest is still flaring up throughout Poland.

Sosie workers, learning of pay hikes elsewhere, are striking for sixailar increases, in one factorv, workers went back on strike briefly on Wednesday and successfully pressured management to make good on earlier promises. Trash collectors in Warsaw have been on strike since Tuesday. 4sVW

The authorities usually have been able to get workers back on the job quickly with pledges to increase pay and satisfy other grievances, but apparently are havingrestoring the normal factory work routine. Even in those enterprises where workers have already received higher pay, managers are having problems motivating them to make up for lost production.

In some areas worker demands for more responsive trade unions evidently continue to be an important grievance. Railway workers in the southeastern city oflabor unrest almost got out of control in mid-July and where tha mood reportedly continues to ba especially Cloosjy--have begun nominating their own candidates for trade union elections scheduled for mid-August, unofficial worker strike committees also-continue tobeT activeome factories where strikes were settled. *JVJJ>

In an

apparent response to workers' questions over who is -responsible for Poland's difficult economic situation, the party daily on Monday blamed the international bureaucraticand the slipshod performance of some Polish workers. a>

The regime on Tuesday showed its concern over dissident efforts to provide leadership to the workers by detaining three dissidents who apparently werea meeting with workersactory in Warsaw. Onee dissidents is the leading editorews sheet prepared for workers.

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