Created: 7/14/1980

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DLAND: Negotiations Continue With Workers

Tensions appear to behe Polishwhere unrest flared up again last Thursday and Friday. Thehas refused to roll back meat price increases but has apparently agreed to compensatory wage increases rangingoercent. Theprobably felt compelled into such concessionsof the mounting evidence that the work stoppages were spreading and beginning to involve white-collar workers. The rear price increases have apparently not been implemented throughout the country, and many workers have not yet been faced with them. The regime has said that the wage increases are tied to increases inbut workers will expect them in any case. tfOL'kers who have not yet been granted wage increases may :ause trouble, entral Committee official -oldthat the meat price increases areartarger package of price reforms, and these, when implemented, could causeproblems.

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