Created: 7/5/1980

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POLAND: Reaction to Price Increases

Strikts crJ vcrk titudams in az Uast sivercl Fctith aitiee reportedly continueduz the ngin*hat inll not rtQQind thehat ltd to thia ueek'a unrcet.

regime has claimed that the situation is nornal,


jou actions continue in theUrsu*Tplant outside Warsaw and in an aircraft iactory in southeast Poland, MmMHMmfe*nec reports that labor protests were taking place in many parts of the country. Thus far, however, there have been no demonstrations outside of the plants, and thereo violence, it appears the authorities hope to out the workers and will not use coercive action as the protests are contained in the factories.

Polish workers are reacting quiet attempts to imposo de facto pri luxury meat items by moving the sale from highly subsidized regular state Sized cocaterciaX stores. Restaurant dishes also were increased by perhaps cent. Prices in state and cornmercial changed. The de facto increases will price levol only moderatoly since Pol pork and chicken, were not affected.

government's increases on some these products to nonsubsi-prices for Meat as much aser* stores have not affect the consumer Ul^ieat staples*

Polish rumor mill the increases, ttftfc

increases, particularly reaction probably was also due in regime's failure to prepare them and the rest of the popu.ntion adequately for the changes and to make clear the nature of tho changes, likely exaggerated the extent of

Government spokesmen have indicated

at tactical mistakes had.been made. They axso have said, however, that the regime will not back Sown as it didhon widespread strikes and riots occurred. Polish leaders probably believe that the



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