Created: 9/27/1980

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COMMENTARY: Italy: The Government Resigns--What Next?

Background; Italian Prime Minister Cossiga's government will resignafter failing to obtain parliamentary approval for itseconomic programingle vote today. The government won an earlier rollcall confidence voteomfortable margin, but its subsequent defeat on the secret ballot test of the economic program apparently convinced the Prima Minister that future defections fron Ms Christian 0emocrattc-Social1st-Republ1can pafHamnntarv mainHtv would seriously hamper his coalition's ability to govern


he government's defeatevere Mow to theof the noderate-conservative Christian Democratic and Socialist leaders who had pinned their hopes on the Cosslga government's ability to provide an alternativeovernment with Communist support. today's developments can be interpretedictory for leftwing Christian Democrats and Socialists who have fought tenaciously during Cossiga's tenure for greater cooperation between the government and the CoinRunists. The government's resignation can also be seen to bolster Conrnuntst chief Berlinguer's arguments that no Italian Governce govern effectively without loan assistance from tha ComagnlltS

Italian President Pertini will likely now tap Cosslga toew government and the Prime Minister's initial efforts may be aimedabinet shuffle among the partners of his current coalition. Cosslga reportedly has taken his parliamentary defeat hard and may refuse to accept the charge. In this case. Pertini probably would designate mother ChristianParty Secretary Plccoll, Party President Forlani or Minister of Industrytry his hand. The new Primehe it mill almost certainly beo confront the Interparty tensions which led to the collapse of Cossiga's coalition and will be facedevival of the mmstlon of Coanwnlst participation in the national governing process.

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