Created: 11/5/1980

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Tht frtt tradt union Solidarity hat again committed itttlfymbolio ttrikm unless tht Supreme Court delivers an acceptable veraiat on tht union's appealower court's unilateral reuision of its charter.

Th* official Polish press agency yesterday reported that Solidarity's appeal has reached the court, which the regime has pledged will act byovember. The decision on whether to strike will com* the day after th* court's decision; if theretrike, it will consisteries of two-day work stoppages in Warsaw and Gdansk and then spread throughout th* country in th* course of week, frnmp

Solidarity's decisionompromisenion leadersi it allows them to intensify their pressure on the regim* without resortingeneral strike that would further damage the economy and that mightevere response from the regime. The temperance of the threatened action, however, may only encourage th* regime to believe lt ls freer to deny Solidarity some of the rights and privileges it seeks. tMMf

Soviet and East European Attitudes

Aymbolicheighten concern among Warsaw's allies about the ultimata outcome of Poland's domestic crisis. East Germany andalready ar*onstant flow of inflasmatory commentary. The East German party daily yesterdaya Czechoslovak commentary from the weekend that accused the Polish unions of being linked with aati-Communists and of threatening the Warsaw government. ^Wm

The soviet media have for th* first tim* referred to events in Hungary6 and in Czechoslovakia8 in connection with currant developments in Poland.ASSn Saturdayoscow radio broadcast to Poland on Monday, the Soviets condemned the alleged role of Radio Pree Europe and other Western broadcasts for aggravating the Hungarian and Czechoslovak crises and claimed that- their "role" in Polish events is "equally


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