Created: 11/1/1980

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Tentative progress vezovtsdiy ie being .rode in the lugoziz-ziona betweene ngir.c,nion szsktsrxr.against ostimiz* unzilre sonaluded. fBjMx

the twoeld seven hours of."tough" negotiations yesterday in ar. atmosphere that was'describedolidarity spokesman as "businesslike and friendly." Neither side, however, was willing to discuss the details of the talks that apparently will be continued today. fmM%

The reports indicateompromise on the nost sensitive issue, recognition by Solidarity in its charter* of the leading role of the party, may have been worked out. nion representative said that the Supreme Court will make the final decision on this issueovember, but the court presumably would follow any agreement aade during these talks. The reports also suggest the regime may be prepared to givethe new unions some additional access to the media.

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.The speed with which the regime moved to meet atsome of the workers' concerns indicates that, at aparty leader Kania did not receiveMoscow to stand firm on all issues. ,

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