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Ihe leadership of ihe new union Solidarity hao agreed to hold the next round cf negotiations with the regime on Friday in Warsaw, but it reportedly has hinted that if the talks are notational etrihs will be set forovember.

In its latest contacts with Solidarity, the regime seamed intent on reasserting its authority bythe conditions for future talks. The leadership probably felt that it wouldign of weakness if, as Solidarity originally demanded. Prime Minister Pinkow-ski were forced to go to Gdansk. While accepting the regime's proposal, the Solidarity leadership apparently felt it must keep up the pressure on the government with new threats of strikes if it is to make further progress toward realizing its demands.

Solidarity reportedly has raisedssues that it wants discussed. Several focus on the demand that the regime register the new union without the additions to its charter made by the Warsaw court last Friday. Others deal with Solidarity's demands that it haveaccess to the media, the right to publish its own newspapers; and permission to bring into the country printing presses given to Solidarity by Western trade

East German Reaction

East Germany yesterday announced the "temporary" end of visa-free travel to and from Poland. Beginning tomorrow. East Germans and Poles will be able to make trips across the border only after producing officially certified invitations from friends or relatives. The East Germans hope that many Poles will defer visits


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workers in East Germany apparently will not &g_ directly affected by the new regulation,Hamsfl Basmssmathe Ease Germans have again moved prevent Poles from establishing an independent trade union there. The East Germans also have reacted with


Approved for Baloaet

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suspicionequest fron snoie Polish workers that they bo permitted to return to Poland toatholic holy day on Saturday. The Eastave speculated that these workers wish to meet with Lech Walesa and that he is planning to cause "troublo" again.

Border Rail Traffic

The international rail crossing at Brest onborder was reopened to freight20

Tne Soviet closure ot Brestthealong the border open to freight trafficZurop" -announced on 9to be in force throughctober.

Thenot affect passenger traffic, and most

points along thofron-

emained open.

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