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East Germany and Czechoslovakia arcif nottheir political pressure on the Poliah Government tc pu ita house in order oa soon is possible. tMW

East German leader Honecker told party officials Monday that "we and our friends will make sura" that Poland remains inseparably bound to socialism. though clearly audible in the broadcaat speech, was omitted from the official printed version,

Honecker also denounced "foreignspecially the Mast Germans, for urging on "antisocialist, counterrevolutionary forces" in Poland. He repeated his remarks of last week that East Germany could not "remain indifferent" to the fate of Poland. MJ0

Honecker's threatening Language toward Bonn suggests that East Germany will risk .the economic benefits of inner-German detente--ai: leastavoid "contagion" from abroad. The insecure regime fears both the appeal of Wast Gerraanyjo their own people and the instability in Poland. fj^p

Czechoslovak party leader Husak, in the same vein, attacked the West for attempting to "upset the unity of the socialist community"peech last week to the party central committee. Media commentaries and high-ranking party officials have drawn an analogy to similar interference in Czechoslovakia by the "enemies olitburowho is considered close to Moscow, has assured the Polish Communist Party that it is "not alone" and-hinted that "fraternal assistance" is available if needed. SeW>

The line being propagated by Bast Germany andprobably was coordinated with Moscow and reflects the continuing deep Soviet concern over developments in Poland. These critical statements by Honecker andthe first by any Warsaw Pact partythe continuing anxiety of Soviet leaders. 0mm)

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Regime-Union Discussions

A spokesman for che independent trade union Solidarity" announced yesterday that union leader Lech Walesa will meet with Head of Stat* Jablonski on Saturday to discuss th* Warsaw court's delay intha union. The court objected thac the union'smad* no mention of th* leading rol* of the party and that the union has applied for registration as arather thanegional organization. The union leaders havethese objections as "political" rather than legal in nature. That the regira* and union leaders are willing to discuss the differencesompromis* eventually might be arranged, mm "


more provincial party first secretariesesigned, and further personnel changes at the local level aie likely as the Kania regime continues its efforts to impress the populaceew style Of leadership is in place. Th* former head of the party central committee's cultural department was named first secretary in one of the provinces; his appointment is ln line with the central leadership's claim that lt is willing to consider changes in cultural policy.


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