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Petty and governmentre meeting with workersparty organisation* in an effort to regain thePoland's current domestic crisis. -

Party leader Kania was in Szczecin, one of the more important centers of free trade union activity, where he met with some freo trade union leaders on Friday for the first time. Kania reaclcnowledged the workers' right to strike in extreme situations and no doubt attempted to convince the union leaders of his sincerity about honoring the strike settlements. He probably alsoto impress them with the limits placed on his freedom of action by Poland's severe economic situation and the need for workers to resume work full time. smme>

while in Saczecin, Kania alsoeeting of theprovincial party's leadership, which focused onproblems and ways to restore the roora_le_and_nurpose of

The Minister of Home Trade and Services and the Chairman of the State Price Commission over the weekend net with workers at the Lenin Steelworks in Krakow to stress that they were aware of local shortageaand that eliminating them had the highest priority. (meT

Union leader Walesa apparently did not meet with Kania but instead was in Gdansk, where heodelonument to workers killed there in the riots Construction of themonument was called for in the strike settlement. 4am*V

Other union spokesmen are still complaining about obstruction of union activities by local party and state officials, and leaders of the "Solidarity" Union met yes-terday in Gdansk to discuss the failure of the Warsaw court to register their union.

Warsaw Pact Meeting

Moscow announced on Saturdayeeting of Warsaw Pact foreign ministers will be held in Warsaw in the second half of October. Such meetings normally are held at this time of the year, and it is Warsaw's turn to host tha gathering.

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