Created: 10/1/1980

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POLAND: No Movement on Strike

Free trade union leaders have not to our knowledge reacted to the government's announcement yesterday of general wage increases. Union leaders have said that they will not be able to cancel their one-hour nationwide strike on Friday if the decision is not taken today. No aatter wnat the government dees, some leaden aay be anxious to bold the strike to test worker responsiveness to tlieir control and to maintain the sense of worker . eseV

A Deputy Premier whoey role inthe strike settlement last month yesterday accused union leaders of breeching the accords by calling the strike and complained that they had not informed the He presumably did so to discredit the more militant union leaders, thereby strengthening the hand of those who may yet wish to call off the strike. The Polish party yesterday announced that the centralplenum will aeet on Saturday to review the_politi-cal situation and current party tasks.



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