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ifficult to dotwrminu ir uomo of thinmay bu rolatod ta thi* normal unu of tho tfiwmor training cycla, which culminate* In tha ruloaito cf ono

wu approachexpect by Soviot force*.

oviot conscript* and the induction of another.


ounto of fioid training

rolitical Activity

Trade union leaden inreportedly havoto callatlonwido tjonorai itnku on IS October if tho rayinm doe* not fulfill tho agreement* it dl.inod -nth tho atriking worker* lint month.

tho founding convmitroo" of tno now autonomou*inoaumauly tho group iod Uy LochtouU-4tc<ilu offort next month tounions If tho ro-jlinu permit* tho nowDo roijluturud, tho un.-sn loader* willallto nuke up. Um production loaouo *ufforedtttrlkod.

rep 'jeeret

Should the regime not completely fulfill thothe committee will callif the regime does not fulfill thoat all, the committee will call for thc general strike.

_ .the committee

is in contact with people inf Poland'srovinces. Would-be union leaders from various parts of the country are scheduled to meet with the trade union committee in Gdansk today, and Walesa and the other loaders presumably will attempt to coordinate their strategy.

. the regime over tho weekend announced the procedures the new free trade unions oust follow in order to be registered. nion from Katowice became the first to apply fsr registration.

Kania meanwhile is continuing his efforts to gain support .from and to boost the morale of local party lie met yesterday in Warsaw witi* provincial party 'v.'* leaders, many of whom are ap^iarently hearing demands from local party members for further changes, amjam*.

fSf*e> .

week demanded that the central committee be purged of any member who has been involved in illegal or corrupt activity- Chairman of tho State Council Jablonski'sn Monday night calling for "surgical cuts"was in response to such demands,

Plnancial Pressures

Warsaw has recalled its Ambassador to tho US and probably envoys to other Western caoitals for an urgent top-level meeting today to discuss Poland's deteriorating external financial position. Reportedly the conference will consider throe possible ways to relieve thorelief in the form of bilateral rescheduling,

--continued Top Secret


additional Western credits, and concessional financing .or Polish imports of raw materials. The convunlno of the meeting points up Poland's anxiety over Its harddebt and provides furthor uvldonce that Poland may be sorioualy considerobt rescheduling,

that the aid agreement signed in Moscow last Thursday aay include Soviet financial credits for Poland, asmmV,

Earlier roporta indicated that tho Soviets hadonly special shlpmonts of food and Industrialvalued at0 mllLlon in Woutern markotduring ainJur ot ssmaW

The various reports differ on tho site of thocredits, estimates ranging from noveral hundreddollars to SI billion. None of tho reports dive* any information on tho form and torms of tho purported financial assistance, SmsmV

h sKopticlsia, Doth becauae of thoirand thoir self-sorvlng nature. Thoy may boout pressure on tho West to match Soviot gunorosltyindlcatu chat the USSR la not bo'ng outdono by The Polish press, for oxamplo, claims0 million ln Soviot financial aid, to0 million in Commodity Credittho US has juat authorlsod. *

wo continue to believe that, ln fact, how much aid Poland receives from Moscow la conditional ln largo measure on how effectively tho Polish regime dilutes .he concessions it has granted to Polish workora. fSjaBBk

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