Created: 9/12/1980

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CZECHOSLOVAKIA: Crackdown on Dissidents

The arrests this week of political diaaidenta in Pragueregime'a continuing nervousness over events in Poland andto quell any moveswhich might encourage ain

As manyozen leaders of tho "Marxist- wing ofhe most prominent dissident group, have been arrested and charged with "damaging the Interests of the Czechoslovak State abroad." The Charterists had earlieressage of solidarity to the strikers in Gdansk and allegedly wrote Czechoslovak party leader Husakthat human rights be discussed by the Czechoslo-vak delegation to the coming CSCE meeting. rflsfP

Among the persons now being held is Jiri Hajek,Minister under Alexander Dubcekounder of the Charterist movement. He previously had been politicallyven during the .crackdown on dissidents 9mm

According to dissident sources, the "Marxist" wing had obtained an internal partythe situation in Poland. Itsraises the possibility that there is somewithin the party for the "Marxist" wing. If theis aware that the dissidents-have the document,ould impose even harsher sentences on them, offfas*

Thewaslosed Charterist meeting on 9the Polish leadership's failurosause for worker unrest. Instead, itthat tho events in Poland represent tha bestWestern attempt to subvert socialism since World War ZI. mmfsat

Tho party report claims that the Soviets wereto lendssistance" to restore order but were "reluctant to do so Just now." It alsothat this reluctance was based on Sovietwith Afghanistan, the needS ratification of SALT II, and hopesuccessful CSCE conference.

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