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POLAND: New Party Chief

appointment of StanisUaj Kania, Poland's top securityas party leader could lead to renewed conflict with theif they perceive that the party is now unlikely to fulfill tne recent strike agreements. 4mmW

Although little ia known about Kania, availableindicates that he favors unspecified drastic measures to correct Poland's economicard line toward dissidents, and stringent containment of Church activity and influence. He strongly opposed the visit of Pope John Paul II to Poland and has argued against giving che Church greater access to the media.

as worked in the party apparatus sinces and for the pastears has been responsible for

military and security affairs. He added Churchis portfolio in thend in recent weeks lias been

overseeing party organizational matters. tmmV

.-Theretrong possibility that Moscowand in Gierek's replacement. The Soviets expressed support for Gierek during the strikes, but once tho settlement was reached last weekend they began dropping hints of their dissatisfaction with him and the concessions he granted tne strikers. The Soviet press has failed to mention Gierek's name sinceugust in the numerous articles it has published on the situation in Poland.

The choice of Kania as first secretary, whetherby the Soviet leaders or not, has to please then. The image of firmness and orthodoxy that he will bring to the top party post is something Moscow has been calling for repeatedly in its recent press commentary. Theofelationship with the Kremlin arebut as security chief he would have had close contact with Soviet KGB head and Politburo member Andropov and is presumably well known to the Soviets.

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