Created: 12/31/1980

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The Poliah regiaie hoa averted, at least for the Sin*ijxdcunyith formere who arepercrieeicn to regie


The Polisn Supreme Court was to rule on the issue yesterday but postponed the esse,,saying more time is necessary to obtain documentation. It gave no new dateuling. MMr

The regime will probably use the time for additional talks with the farmers and thair Solidarity advisers on the structure and scopeew organization. Thawill also try to reduce pressure for tho new union by promising more help for agriculture and by trying to reinvigorate the existing officially recognized farmers organization. ajTeV

The farmers, however, ara cynical about therganization and suspicious of the regime's intentions; support for the independent organization probably will intensify. MMm

Walesa Meets Cry rex

At thoir recent meeting Solidarity leader Lech Walesa and Foreign Hlnistar Cjyrek probably focused mainly on Czyrek's recent talks in Moscow with Soviet leaders, *iib Czyrek advising Walesa that although recent trends are encouraging, the situation remains unstable and Moscow ia still demanding restraint. The regime and Solidarity had held an unpublicized meetingecember, two days after the Warsaw Pact summit, when theyagreed to take all possible steps to avoid This meeting is part of the regime's continuing efforts to encourage moderation from Solidarity. MJMM*-

While in Moscow, Cryrek reportedly briefednd Gromyko on the "substantial" progress made by the Polish leadership since the Warsaw Pact summit. Tha

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Soviets expressed satisfaction with recent developments and repeated their "confidence" that the Poles would< overcome their problems. mmmmmmmmms*

Public statements on the visit also suggest that it was not confrontational. Moscow, however, presumably made it clear that the Poles must continue to show they can maintain calm and preserve the role of the party.

Polish Vice Premier Jagielski and PlanningKisiel concluded talks with their Soviet counterparts in Moscow yesterday but apparently did notinal agreementrade pactr tbe coordinated economic plan . fMMMMMMMWBMWM^ smmlBVBBm'mmmmmmmmmV the Polish-Soviet economic commission had earlier agreedlan for trade relations next-year but it still has to be approved at the political level in Moscow and in Warsaw.

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