Created: 12/16/1980

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Although Soviet forcee bordering Poland remain in aof readiness and could move on short notiae, Sovietmedia signals since late last week have not pointed toc&tjem^ We have seen no further indicators to eupportsfl Peat

will be held in Poland today xthrcvgh Thursday.

The evidence wc have indicate* that the Kania regime le attempting to ensure that tbe ceremonies todayating those killed in tbo0 riote on tha Baltic Coast proceed without incident. If, indeed, the Polish Communist Party desires to avoid any confrontation with the worker* in Gdansk and Gdynia, then introducing Soviet forces would be counterproductive. MM

It is quite possible that aome in the Sovietmay have argued forove. They may have had strong fears that the ceremonies would take on an anti-regime and anti-Soviet nature and lead to widespreadand that Soviet forces should be in place to move quickly. They may have alao believed that bringing in soviet troops wouldobering effect on the heady Polish workers and bolster the Kania regime's hand in restoring its authority, fljb

The risks are high tbat tbe introduction ofmall number of Soviet forces into Poland could leadiolent confrontation, and we believe Moscow willfrom doing ao. The Sovieta ara, however, taking further military steps around Poland'a borders to increaae their readiness to intervene quickly if their perception of the situation should change. Iff}*

Situation ln Gdansk

The regime, the Church, and Solidarity apparently have cooperated to help ensure that the ceremonies in Gdansk this morning pass without incident. ontact ffa*

'said that the preparationsto those made for the papal visit of The government has banned all liquor sales, reroutedmobile traffic, and closed down all entertainmentto stress the solemn nature of the occasion. Hundreds of people, mainly Solidarity members, have been trained to handle traffic and crowds. 4ms%

The party daily yesterday calledsolemnthat unites the countryreaterresponsibility for Poland's future. Whilestandard warning about "opponents of socialism"to exploit Poland's problems, the article pledgedof the present moderate course andreaders that the party "has kept ita word* onconflicts by political means.

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